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Why Our Qualitative Analysis Service

qualitative analysisQualitative analysis is essential in the social sciences and in business when researchers want data about what people think and do about everyday events and things that happened in the past. Such qualitative data analysis services are provided by experts skilled in using a variety of analytical tools and techniques.

You should find the leader in the industry and serves clients in all industries and from all over the world for your analysis of qualitative data. The reason we are the best is that we provide our clients with qualitative analysis help so that they can obtain information that is impossible to find in traditional quantitative measures.

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We can handle any type of qualitative analysis, including:

  • Content analysis
  • Narrative analysis
  • Discourse analysis
  • Framework analysis
  • Grounded theory

The focus in those 5 types of qualitative analyses will be derived from the initial questions set at the research beginning stage. It is important that the focus could be found before the actual research starts and the information collection gears in motion, from time to time the objectives should be reviewed because it can affect the focus. That means that the equilibrium between open-endless and focus is very important and it needs to be found to keep the project updated. When using 5 qualitative research methods we select the suitable one for every case that is able to uncover the results to their fullest:

  • Ethnography. With the observation & interviews data, focusing on context.
  • Narrative. Analyzing stories from individuals & documents.
  • Phenomenological. With Interview documents.
  • Grounded Theory. With interviews, axial coding.
  • Case Study. With documents, reports, observations, and interviews.

Our Expertise in Qualitative Analysis Service

We have the widest range of tools for gathering data for your qualitative research needs. We work with you to develop the best qualitative analysis questions for surveys and interviews. Some of the other ways in which we help you with qualitative comparative analysis include:

  • Notes on focus groups
  • Discussion notes from meetings
  • Audio and video tapes
  • Spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • Websites

The qualitative analysis takes different forms depending on the data and the way in which it was collected. Some data may have to be analyzed using descriptive statistical methods. Others may be open-ended and depend on finding patterns in the data. Our qualitative data analysis services can help you determine the best way in which to structure qualitative analysis tests to achieve the most accurate results.

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Who Does the Qualitative Analysis?

qualitative comparative analysisOur professional qualitative data researchers and analysts are experts and are able to provide an objective assessment of the data. They know how to structure any qualitative analysis questions in order to receive the data you are looking for and they can determine the best way to carry out the qualitative analysis. Each one of analysts on our team has the knowledge necessary to be able to explore themes and ideas that develop from the data analysis.

Our main features:

  • Experienced qualitative analysts
  • Goal-oriented writing
  • A dedicated team of researchers
  • Thorough analysis
  • On-time delivery

In order to arrive at meaningful conclusions, the data has to be meaningful for the research. We have the expertise to ensure that your qualitative analysis is based on meaningful data. We also write a final report that is original to the qualitative comparative analysis we do for you.

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