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Types of Qualitative Analysis

There are several different types of qualitative analysis but there is no one type that stands out as the best one to use in all research. This is because the qualitative analysis technique depends on the methodology of the research, the data collected and the research question that you want to answer. Market research and the social sciences are the main areas in the types of qualitative analysis are used but there are other areas in which they are also beneficial, such as in chemical analyses. We can handle any kind of quantitative analysis of qualitative data for you and deliver a very comprehensive report.

different types of qualitative analysis

A Look at Some of the Types of Qualitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis can be further interpreted in a qualitative manner. One such method is that of qualitative meta-analysis in which we combine and summarize the results obtained from previous qualitative analysis flow chart. Other methods we use for working with clients requiring assistance in the types of qualitative analysis include:

  • Semi-micro qualitative analysis
  • Narrative analysis in qualitative research
  • Inductive analysis in qualitative research
  • Discourse analysis qualitative research
  • Qualitative cost-benefit analysis
  • Qualitative business analysis

Qualitative analysis for social scientists can take the same form as that of qualitative business analysis although for a different purpose.

qualitative meta analysis help

Types of Qualitative Analysis for Data

Types of qualitative data analysis can also take different formats. In such data, each word and phrase has to be analyzed several times looking for different elements. Of course, the reason for the data analysis in qualitative research depends on the research question that necessitated the data collection. The text has to be read for overall meaning, specific words and phrases are identified as themes and interpretative techniques are employed to determine the hidden meaning of the data. Even in public records, there are underlying messages that are not readily recognizable without delving into them deeply.

Discourse analysis qualitative research has to go one step further in listening for expression in the conversation to denote how the participant feels about issues. There is a lot of work involved in the various types of data analysis in qualitative research but you will receive the most professional help with any aspect when you come to us!

You won’t have to worry about which of the types of qualitative analysis to use when you place an order here!