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Techniques of Coding Qualitative Data

Coding Qualitative Data for Better Results

One of the most basic and useful reasons is that qualitative data coding results in measuring the data before giving a suitable analysis. It helps to give particular levels to each expected answer. This not only helps to simplify the process but also makes the net results much better in terms of comparison with the expected values. In addition to this, coding the qualitative data is necessary for the software to measure and evaluate the results. If the levels are not defined beforehand, the same will have to be done at some point. Also, coding the data is necessary for other users to understand the data as well. It has been noticed that many designers forget or do not follow these steps which make it easy to handle the data.

Improving Coding Qualitative Data

There are many other reasons which explain why coding the data helps:

  • From quickening up the process, to efficiency in the final results, each advantage is somewhere or the other related to the coding of qualitative data.
  • Another important aspect is to improve the coding of the data. For example, if we are considering and analyzing the people who have a car, it will add to the results if we also mention the model of the vehicle they have. And for this, different codes need to be assigned to each value.
  • This may take some time in the beginning, but it results in higher efficiency and reduced time consumption later.

Why Is It Necessary?

It is important to understand why coding of the data is a necessary aspect. It is necessary because various other data analysis of qualitative research factors depend on coding. From measuring the result to assigning particular values to it, coding is the key factor in all of this. It helps to simplify the results and make it easier for the user to understand them. As an added advantage, it also helps to make any discrepancy null and void while it is being considered. This leads to correction at all levels of the obtained results. So one must use this method to improve the results effectively.

Code your data and improve the results!