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Professional Tricks in NVivo Analysis

Working on an NVivo data analysis shouldn’t have to be difficult. Professionals have a few tricks up their sleeves that make things much easier. That means that those who need to have an analysis of qualitative data completed would do well to study a few of these things. They could certainly benefit them in the future after all.

Tricks of the Pros

One of the biggest tricks to doing an NVivo qualitative inorganic analysis is to add in node descriptions. While it might not sound like much, anyone who has gone over a project in the software that lacks these indications knows just how difficult it can be to understand what was going on otherwise.

Many professionals end up creating some form of custom sort order sot that they can keep their nodes ordered in a particular fashion. It’s too hard to deal with the traditional sort orders otherwise when working with the list view screen, so this might be considered a must.

Nodes tend to collapse when projects are opened and closed. Right click on a top-level node and then select the Expand and Collapse function. There should be an “Expand All Nodes” block underneath this. That makes it much easier to work with, since nodes don’t have to be opened individually. A project that starts with maybe five nodes can expand to a few hundred, which illustrates just how useful this is.

Less tends to be more when selecting text. While there is a minimum number of words that can be selected it might not be best to go too far overboard with how many get chosen, or else things might start to muddle.

Working with Our Pros

Doing an NVivo data analysis with our professionals is easy because they already know the tricks. Whether you need to have an content analysis qualitative data done for a class or for a presentation, we’ll work on all the information provided to us. Simply fill out the nifty form on our front page to have our staff start on the project right away.