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Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Research

What is Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Research?

quantitative qualitative mixed methods researchQualitative research is particularly useful in getting information that is specific to cultural values, behaviors, opinions as well as social perspectives of specific populations. Qualitative methods in research are also helpful for identifying factors that are tangible like roles of gender, socioeconomic status, norms of a particular society, religion as well as ethnicity. That is, it gives the researcher information regarding the ‘human’ aspect of a topic. Quantitative qualitative mixed methods research incorporates both the qualitative and quantitative aspect of research. Quantitative methods in research make use of numerical data analysis. Our professionals know that this basically means that this method reduce the information into numbers. One example of how this is used is to present information such as teenage pregnancy in New York as 3% of the total population of people living in that city. Readers will know right away if this is a serious problem or if it is of no great concern.

The Basics of Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Research

There are significant differences found between research methods qualitative and quantitative. The primary difference between the two is the issue of flexibility. Quantitative methods usually are considered relatively inflexible. For instance, a researcher using the quantitative method such as questionnaires and surveys ask the same questions to all the participants and in the exact order. The participants choose from response categories that are referred to as fixed or ‘closed-ended.’ Other areas in which quantitative qualitative mixed methods research differ are kinds of posed questions, instruments for data collection and data produced.

Why Use Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Research

Our team knows how to compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research methods and we find that we get better and clearer results after combining qualitative and quantitative research methods. While qualitative research is more on the exploratory side, quantitative analysis gives researchers the opportunity to test particular hypotheses. Qualitative and quantitative methods of research are being popularly used together lately for several purposes.

Qualitative and quantitative methods of research are being popularly used together lately for several purposes.