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Thematic Analysis Qualitative Data

thematic analysis qualitative dataThe analysis of qualitative data requires separating the sets of data in to themes. Thematic analysis qualitative data processes are essential when working with information gained in a narrative manner. This is because it is descriptive of human behavior, thoughts and experiences. You cannot assign numerical values to the data and expect to have accurate results. In thematic analysis, qualitative research data must be organized and summarized in written format. We specialize in qualitative thematic analysis at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.

Coding in Thematic Analysis Qualitative Data Strategies

Whenever they speak of thematic analysis, qualitative data experts always use the term “coding”. This is the process of finding themes in the data and labeling it in a manner so that the different patterns can be grouped according to a specific code. In the thematic analysis of qualitative data, analysts interpret the occurrence of various themes and analyze the relationships that exist between them.

Since the data collected for qualitative data can consist of one word answers to questions or long written or oral answers, it is important to examine each word and phrase to find the various thematic patterns that exist. Sometimes qualitative thematic analysis is easy to do when themes seem to jump out of the data with the similarities in responses. However, most of the time this is a very complex and time consuming task.

What We Look for in Thematic Analysis Qualitative Data

Before starting any work on thematic analysis, qualitative data specialists research the topic to determine the types of questions they should ask about the data. Since the main point of such data involves a human element, these questions could include:

  • What are the people trying to accomplish in the responses?
  • Did they understand the questions?
  • What assumptions do the participants make?

Sometimes there are surprises in thematic analysis. Qualitative research is so broad that the data may provide you with ideas that you hadn’t thought of when you created the questions for the data collection. We are prepared to deal with any eventuality in thematic analysis qualitative data studies at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.

Let the experts handle thematic analysis qualitative data processes for you. This is a very complex process but our specialists can do any kind of analysis for you!