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Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Data

statistical analysis of qualitative dataIn cases where data is collected through research involving the behavior, thoughts and feelings of the participants the information is called qualitative data. It is hard to use quantitative methods to provide statistical analysis of qualitative data but we can provide you with this mathematical information at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net. It is important to provide researchers with statistical analysis for qualitative data in order for them to prove or disprove an hypothesis or understand the sales potential for bringing a product to market.

The Work Involved in Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Data

It takes time to accurately interpret qualitative data in a statistical format. We use a variety of computer software to assist us with this work, such as SPSS qualitative data analysis and NVivo. We compare and contrast data sets in various ways in order to achieve the best qualitative data analysis and interpretation for our clients. Even though the data is qualitative in nature it should be presented in numerical form in order for the identified themes in the information to be completely understood.

However, not all types of qualitative data lend itself to statistical analysis. Qualitative data that can be transformed and interpreted through numbers is only necessary when the objective of the research is to identify activities that occur on a frequent or regular basis. Through the use of statistical analysis of qualitative data, the coded information is studied in depth to make discussion of the other qualitative elements progress in a smooth manner.

When to Use Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Data

In order for statistical analysis of qualitative data to be meaningful, there has to be a structure to the way in which you collect the data. Therefore you should know whether or not you will need SPSS qualitative data analysis before you start to design your questionnaires or discussion topics. It is often difficult to know if you will need to use statistical analysis for qualitative data. When you place an order with QualitativeDataAnalysis.net we can discuss the project with you to determine if you expect to receive a statistics report in the qualitative data analysis and interpretation that we send.

Do you need statistical analysis of qualitative data? This is something we can help you with when you come to QualitativeDataAnalysis.net. Check us out today!