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Qualitative Risk Analysis

All companies perform risk analysis on the business, the security measures in place and other aspects to ensure the safety of the investment. There are two types of ways in which they can carry out the process of determining the amount of risk – quantitative risk analysis and qualitative risk analysis. Here we can do both of these for you as well as SPSS qualitative data analysis. Both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis are very important but qualitative is the easier of the two to carry out.

expert qualitative risk analysis

What Is Qualitative Risk Analysis?

Qualitative risk analysis looks at how problems were solved in the past and what has been changed to lessen the risks. It involves using relative concepts to figure out the amount of exposure there is for risk and the risks identified are classified as high, medium and low. Through such a process it is possible to review existing and proposed security measures to be able to come up with the best and the cheapest routes to take.

The reason that in qualitative vs. quantitative risk analysis, qualitative is easier is that you don’t need to look at the monetary value of any of the company’s assets. The numerical values are more important in quantitative risk analysis. Another aspect of quantitative vs. qualitative risk analysis is that the frequency of a threat does not have to be considered in a qualitative risk analysis report.

Pros and Cons of Qualitative Risk Analysis

The pros of doing a qualitative risk analysis are:

  • You have flexibility in the procedure and in the manner of reporting
  • It is very easy to use
  • There is no computation involved

The cons of doing a risk analysis in a qualitative manner are:

  • The techniques are very subjective
  • The results depend on the attitude of the team carrying out the analysis

qualitative vs quantitative risk analysis help

Even though qualitative vs. quantitative risk analysis are different ways of looking at the same data, it is important to have an objective view of the situation. Objectivity is one thing you can be sure of when you come to our quantitative and qualitative data analysis service because we do not have any personal stake in anything connected with the data.

We can provide you with an objective qualitative risk analysis today!