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Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis Services

qualitative data collection and analysisThe right methodology to choose for qualitative data collection and analysis is always a challenge. In the majority of cases the question you ask to guide your research will help you determine the best approach for data collection and analysis in qualitative research. When you come to the experts at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net we can assist you right from the beginning by helping you choose the proper method for data collection. For example, we can help you decide whether you want to use social media as the way in which you gather the qualitative data you need or if you would prefer telephoning participants or having direct conversations with them.

Outline of Our Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis Service

You only have to place one order to obtain comprehensive data collection and analysis in qualitative research when you come to us. We do everything for you and keep you informed about the progress at each step of the process. A breakdown of the service we provide for qualitative survey analysis is:

  • Development of a research goal that is attainable for you through data collection
  • Strategies and techniques to gather the right type and amount of data
  • In-depth analysis of the data
  • Comprehensive report

When a different pattern emerges from the analysis of the data or a new one that you didn’t expect, we can also assist you with a secondary analysis of qualitative data so that your research does not omit any important details.

Trained Experts in Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

Our experts at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net have years of both training and experience in qualitative data collection and analysis. We use a combination of manual work and software to collect the data, transcribe it and complete the analysis. We will prepare surveys and questionnaires, speak directly to the participants or take notes from focus groups. Whatever it takes to help you collect the data you need for your research, we are here to assist. We analyze the data through thematic processes and coding so that the results are easy for you to understand.

For the best qualitative data collection and analysis, trust the work of the experts we have on staff at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net. Check us out today to get started with your order.