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Qualitative Data Analysis Coding Service

qualitative data analysis codingOur qualitative data analysis coding service is designed to transform your data into a format that computer software can understand. Each category we assign to a data set will have only one code, but it will be comprehensive. In addition, our specialists for coding in qualitative data analysis prepare complete instructions so that you will be able to use the results the way you want in your project. The approach we use for data analysis coding of qualitative data is different from that used for quantitative data. You can be sure we categorize the themes and patterns for you when you come to QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.

Two-Phase Process of Qualitative Data Analysis Coding

In order to prepare information for computer assisted qualitative data analysis we must use a two-step process. These two steps are:
  • Distinguishing overall themes in the data by coding it into categories
  • In-depth interpretation of each theme to further categorize them for summary

We use both manual and computer assisted qualitative data analysis coding methods. Coders transcribe the information gathered in the research and determine the theme that develops. We also use software, such as NVivo, to help us look into the themes to determine if there are any new ideas present that you may not have considered in the hypothesis. This is always a possibility in qualitative data analysis coding.

Qualitative Data Analysis Coding Is a Cyclical Event

Coders work back and forth with the same and different sets of data when they engage in the process of coding in qualitative data analysis. It takes many reviews of the same data to establish specific codes that often come from terminology used in the narratives and responses that the participants provide in the research process. We have to go beyond the obvious when we work in data analysis coding for all our clients.

Every time we go through the qualitative data we refine the themes we develop for you at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net. This means that we combine some of the categories, delete some and add different ones. The most concrete codes are the ones the researcher finds to be descriptive in the dialogue and sets the stage for the rest of the process.

In order to receive the most accurate conclusions you need to have comprehensive qualitative data analysis coding. This is what we provide for you at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.