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Help Document Analysis Qualitative Research

document analysis qualitative researchDocument analysis qualitative research is an important method in determining similarities and differences in human behavior. It is widely used in the Social Sciences, but it also an essential part of market analysis in business and finance. Clients come to QualitativeDataAnalysis.net from all sectors for help with qualitative text analysis because it is a long process that takes a skillful mind to be able to disseminate the appropriate information. Even though we use software to assist us with the work there is still a lot of manual work required for document analysis in qualitative research because the documents have to be read and reread several times.

Types of Material in Document Analysis Qualitative Research

Some of the common types of documents that we receive from clients for qualitative document analysis include:

  • Public records
  • Newspaper articles
  • Private letters and papers
  • Visual documents
  • Transcripts and audio files of conversations and interviews

Processes we use in document analysis qualitative research

In qualitative analysis, text is the first thing that has to be analyzed to find common words and phrases that can be used as labels in the coding process. The goal is to find words and phrases and attach meaning to them by determining the underlying meaning of the full text. In this part of the process of qualitative analysis, paper and audio files are studied in-depth.

Discourse analysis is another aspect of document analysis qualitative research. In this part of the process we seek to determine how people use language to make sense of the topic of the research. Both the text and discourse analysis lead to the interpretative analysis of a document which is the art of finding any hidden meanings in the document.

Getting Help with Document Analysis Qualitative Research

Document analysis in qualitative research is much more than reading the text to determine the overall meaning. It requires a person to really be able to delve into the text to be able to find similarities or themes and from these themes a new set of questions can develop. At QualitativeDataAnalysis.net we have the experts in qualitative text analysis that can prepare a very comprehensive report for you.

Take advantage of our expertise in document analysis qualitative research. We offer the best service at the lowest rates at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.