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Content Analysis Qualitative Data

content analysis qualitative dataOne of the main methodologies in qualitative data analysis is that of content analysis. Qualitative data does not easily lend itself to statistical reporting because of the nature of the data that is collected in the research process. It is often called textual analysis because qualitative content analysis is concerned with an in-depth study of the spoken or written word. Identification of themes and summarization of the data are two of the most important processes in content analysis. Qualitative research and analysis carried out by specialists in the field is available for all projects at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.

Process of Content Analysis Qualitative Data

Analysts make assumptions for content analysis in qualitative research. The pick out common words and phrases in the content and use these as the themes for the analysis. For content analysis, qualitative data has to be scrutinized according to six common questions regardless of the data collected from the research question. These questions for content analysis qualitative data are:

  1. What specific data has to be analyzed?
  2. What are the parameters for analyzing the data?
  3. What percentage of the population is involved in the data?
  4. What is the context for the analysis?
  5. What are the boundaries?
  6. What target do the inferences have?

Extending Content Analysis Qualitative Data

You might think that content analysis in qualitative data consists of looking at words and phrases. There is a lot more than this to the process. The keywords identified in the coding process of the content have to be analyzed within the context of the research question. Even though a lot of the work is still done manually, the use of software makes it easier for us at QualitativeDataAnalysis.net to identify the commonalities in the content. When the data is made available in ways that computers can understand, the content is then analyzed to find frequencies and these frequencies are then coded.

The manner in which the coding takes place for content analysis qualitative data has to be reliable in order for the results to be valid. The same references have to be made for all the data collected in the research for the same project.

Content analysis qualitative data does not have to be a time-consuming and frustrating part of your project. We can do the work for you in a specialized manner when you place an order with QualitativeDataAnalysis.net.