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Our Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Services

qualitative and quantitative data analysisWe provide both qualitative and quantitative data analysis services to all clients. While there are services that work only in academic areas, we service all clients that are in need of qualitative data analysis, such as university papers or market research for business plans. The process of gathering and analyzing sets of data is completely different in quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. An easy way to explain quantitative vs. qualitative data analysis is to rephrase it as numbers vs. narrative information. We specialize in both types of data analysis here!

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Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Services

The best way for us to describe what we can do for you when you need our help with the quantitative and qualitative analysis is to provide you with a brief list of some of the most important services our clients require:

  • Design questionnaires for both quantitative-qualitative analysis
  • Analyze data collected
  • Write reports using spreadsheets as well as descriptive writing
  • Transcribe and copy information to make it easier to analyze
  • Consolidate groups of data into segments

We use various computer programs to help us in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. However, the bulk of the work in the qualitative vs. quantitative analysis is performed manually because of the type of data that is collected. Plus, the data sets are much larger in qualitative data analysis. We can also carry out a quantitative analysis of qualitative data if that is part of your project.

qualitative and quantitative data analysis help

Difference between qualitative and quantitative research: 

Qualitative research. The qualitative research is focused on exploratory research, those that explore the new patterns. It is used to gain insight into the reasons behind the processes, motivations, and opinions that case those. The underlining pattern that ties all the separate cases could be only found and analyzed with the help of the qualitative research, such type of research helps to develop the problem-solving paths and generate the ideas, trends, and hypotheses for the further investigating. 

Quantitative research. The quantitative research quantifies the problem and is used for generating the data containing numbers that can be modified into statistics for various purposes. As a rule, the quantitative research is counting opinions and attitudes for the sociology purposes, also such data like behaviors and any sort of the variable data and then the results get generalized.

While you work with us you receive the most valuable research results because our qualitative analysis reports:

  • Provide the most updated and relevant information for processing
  • Ensure critical evaluation and sorting the data
  • Go through the deep data verifying the procedure
  • Get the deep data interpretation
  • Deliver the most precise analysis, broad yet laconic report results

Effective Methods Ensuring the Best Results

Data analysis process is not a linear process, be prepared that through all the process you will move backward and forward from time to time, overlapping both processes as you will generate the new data.

What you need to know about successful analysis process:

  • Gathering the data and accumulating is not the first step, the first one and the most critical is that you should read through what you’ve gathered, as soon as you sort out all the redundant and irrelevant information you will be able to learn the contents of what’s left, that way you familiarize yourself with the initial patterns.
  • The second step is the coding of the information, for this, you will have to develop the data coding scheme. Your final codebook should contain such elements as definitions, abbreviations, quotes and other coded data.
  • The data verification process begins with evaluating the data relevance and the sources it has been derived from, eliminating the code biases and assessing how the inter-coder is reliable.
  • The most important and time-consuming stage, because it demands a lot of revisions and responsibility with data handling. The interpreting of the results should include the full answer on the questions that have been set at the beginning of the research, that stage comprises synthesizing and processing the information that you found as well, as a result, you should come up with taxonomies, theories, and themes.

quantitative analysis of qualitative data help

Finding the Best Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Services

qualitative vs quantitative data analysisOnce you go through the pages on our site you will see that we offer a very comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative data analysis services for any type of research. Our specialists can help you determine whether you need qualitative vs. quantitative data analysis or a combination or both. We have the analysts skilled in all aspects of both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We make the ordering process very simple and we have the most reasonable rates of any company offering qualitative analysis.

Save time and money by coming to us for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Our specialists are the best in the industry!