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Service for Coding Data in Excel

coding data in excelCoding data in Excel looks easy enough – all you have to do is enter the information in each block under the right category. But wait until you start and you will see that there is a lot more to coding qualitative data in Excel spreadsheets. Excel data coding requires experts in the field if you want to be able to completely understand what the data is telling you. Come to qualitativedataanalysis.net for the best service for using Excel to code data.

How to Establish Coding Data in Excel

When you open a blank Excel spreadsheet where do you start? There are specific steps you have to follow for coding data in Excel and you must be proficient in using this format for discerning the results. These steps are:

  • Create a database to use for coding the results of the qualitative data. Give this database a title and create a category for each of the cells in the spreadsheet.
  • Every response you enter has to coded numerically. This means you will have to develop a scheme for using the data and entering it into Excel.
  • Enter the data in the proper cells. There are some problems you will come across when entering the data even if you use a survey or yes and no responses
  • Compare the data on the spreadsheet to the raw data.
  • Analyze the data to determine the results.

As you can see there is far more work in coding data in Excel if you want accurate results. This is why it is recommended that you use a professional skilled in coding qualitative data in Excel at all times.

How We Can Help Coding Data in Excel

At qualitativedataanalysis.net we have the specialized knowledge you need to make the most effective use of coding data in Excel. We know how to create the categories and how to assign numerical values to the specific aspects of the data in which you are most interested. Qualitative data has to be scrutinized to find the most frequent patterns in words and phrases. It is work that is best left to those that know it best.

Don’t take any chances by coding data in Excel on your own. Let the experts of qualitativedataanalysis.net do it for you. Place an order with us today.