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Data Interpretation Service

data interpretationThe process of data interpretation is to make meaning of the data collected and analyzed so that you can arrive at a conclusion. It us a lot easier to conduct interpretation of data collected quantitatively because this form of data is already in numerical form. In the data analysis and interpretation of qualitative data the process is more difficult because the responses have to be grouped into specific categories and each word, phrase and expression has to be carefully analyzed. The best way to obtain analysis and interpretation of data is to come to the experts of qualitativedataanalysis.net. There are certain factors that can affect data interpretation. When there is a relationship between two seemingly unconnected events the results could be different. Sometimes this causes an emergent category in the midst of analyzing the data. Thus the interpretation of data can be different if one of the events is missing in some situations.

Criteria we use in our data interpretation service

We have five main criteria that we apply to any project for which we have to do analysis and interpret data for our clients. These criteria are:

1. The relevance of the data to the research and the method in which it was collected

2. The effectiveness in which the data was collected

3. The efficiency in which the maximum amount of data could be gathered

4. The changes that might have occurred in the data through the collection process

5. The manner in which similar research will produce the same results

Confounding factors in data interpretation

The need for specialized help is readily apparent in the data analysis and interpretation of qualitative research. At qualitativedataanalysis.net we have the training and experience to be able to deal with unexpected occurrences, such as confounding factors. A confounding factor occurs when an event occurs that has a direct impact on the data, but which could not have been anticipated by the data collector.

In order to make sure that your data interpretation is accurate, we are able to enact measures to gather additional information. In this way we will be able to rule out factors that cause something different to happen and enables us to identify the reasons for the changes in analysis and interpretation of data.

Data interpretation has to be handled with care by those who are trained and experienced in the process. This is what we provide at qualitativedataanalysis.net. Place an order with us.