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Data Collection Services

data collectionAs the term suggests, data collection is the process of gathering data through research to answer a question. Before you start collecting data, though, you must have a plan in place so that you set goals, determine the collection methods, pose a hypothesis about the results and define the parameters of the research data. You have to design the right questions in order to collect data that is relevant to what you want to find out. You don’t need to have carried out your data collecting before you contact DataCoding,net because we can do this for you.

Reasons for a Formal Data Collection Process

You just can’t go out and ask any questions you want to anyone you meet when you collect data. There has to be a purpose and specific measures in place. For the best data collection. For example, if you want to find out what teenagers in your area are interested in receiving as Christmas gifts, you have to target your geographical area and determine how you are going to go about reaching this section of the population.

We know how to go about collecting data for any type of research. There are common areas involved in data collecting, which are:

  • Data has to be defined
  • Data has to be accurate
  • Data has to result in valid findings
  • Data provides a target that you want to prove

Different Methods of Data Collection

The type of data collection can vary with the research methodology and the reason for the research.  The main types of gathering the information you need are:

  • Census
  • Interview
  • Survey
  • Questionnaire

In each of these there are factors that can affect the outcome, which is why you have to set the scope of the type of data you want to collect before you start. In the example described above, there are factors that can impact the accuracy of the data, such as a parent being present when a teenager is interviewed about Christmas gifts. The teen may not be as forthcoming when the parent is around as he/she could be if the parent was not there. We take great care to consider all aspects of data collection at qualitativedataanalysis.net.

Leave the data collection process to the experts. We can take care of the full process for you at qualitativedataanalysis.net. Come to us and experience success.