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How to Conduct NVivo Thematic Analysis

NVivo is a computer program that assists in the complex work of qualitative data analysis. With NVivo, it is possible to get the in-depth analysis you need from the data you collect. In fact, this software assists in the research process as well. At QualitativeDataAnalysis.net we have specialists trained in the use of NVivo qualitative data analysis processes. Why buy this expensive software when we have the experts and reasonable rates to do the work for you for NVivo qualitative analysis.

Working on a thematic analysis with the NVivo platform can be challenging, which is why they’ve developed a few steps to doing these the right way. Finishing up a qualitative thematic analysis will require a certain touch. Making sure things are done the right way from the beginning makes everything easier later. Spend a few minutes now and save some time later on your qualitative data analysis. One of the reasons that the NVivo platform is so attractive for qualitative text analysis is that it supports so many formats. Merely in terms of text, the software can support regular plain ASCII text in addition to a host of other formats. It can work with Microsoft Word files, PDF and the rich text format. Those who have extracted some sort of data from the World Wide Web or social media systems can also feed this into the program as well.

professional nvivo thematic analysis

Steps to Doing NVivo Analysis

Most computer experts have now agreed on a six-step system when it comes to performing the NVivo text analysis. While some variation might be necessary, it’s generally a good idea to stick to these instructions. Natural flexibility in the dataset is expected, but the six general tips are as follows:

  • Anytime that someone wants to run a thematic analysis with the qualitative data analysis with NVivo software platform they would do well first run a query for word frequency, much as though they were doing a simpler analysis.
  • Take the words and themes that are most relevant and make a note of them. These might be added into node descriptions or into an attached text file.
  • Read and reflect on the transcript to find things the software may have missed.
  • Write the coding section only after the text has been read. It’s important to make sure that the programmer has a good command of the data. The generic code really won’t do much good, and actually might make the analysis confusing.
  • See if flexibility or remuneration is more important in the final statistical analysis of qualitative data numbers.
  • Have the NVivo thematic analysis system make charts and models to display the actual data.

Making a Text Analysis

Doing an NVivo content analysis provides more information about a piece of text than any other type of work would. Instead of just looking at what text might be about, it can provide quantities on how different types of information are presented in the text. On top of this, the software supports various types of spreadsheets and other similar formats. This means that in addition to regular document analysis qualitative research text files that contain lining information, the system can provide mathematical information as well. This is particularly useful for the business marketplace, since many types of studies rely on being able to crunch certain types of numbers.

Numerical and other information can be provided about written text. Those who are interested in aspects of Internet marketing, scientific content recursive abstraction or even some types of engineering have made extensive use of this type of research to ensure that they have a good base for how to work with a particular dataset.

That’s one of the reasons that this type of software is so powerful for dealing with a variety of types of information. People should be able to learn quite a bit by making a decent textual analysis, though it still takes a trained eye to interpret the data well.

thematic analysis nvivo help

What We Can Do for Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

You only have to take a look at the features of the software to understand how our NVivo analysis will be the best service for your needs. NVivo data analysis allows us to:

  • Open documents that were saved in other forms of compatible programs
  • Work with data in any language. This opens up the number of people you can use in qualitative analysis with NVivo
  • Merge smaller projects into one large project
  • Data can be saved in a single file
  • Import word documents, audio and video files

You can send us any amount of data and in various forms and we can analyze them easily and efficiently.

Professional Qualitative Thematic Analysis Service

Qualitative data analysis sheets aren’t something that can be taken lightly, so it really helps to have a professional on the job. Those who need to have one completed can certainly ask our organization to do one any time. With our staff of writers as well as mathematicians, we’ll be able to put together something that not only makes sense but also can be presented to clients or academic instructors.

By working with our organization you can have a professional qualitative data analysis done for you at a fraction of what it would cost to do it on your own. Since our professionals already have the software to do this kind of work, we can do it without passing the cost onto you.

Solve your NVivo thematic analysis easily with our professional help!