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FAQ on Data Coding Scheme

data coding schemeA data coding scheme is essential in order to make sure that the proper information is used as the input. Data coding techniques are the specific ways in which you organize and label the data you collect. Being able to do this in an accurate way required specialized training in data coding methods. We have the trained specialists to help you with any project at qualitativedataanalysis.net

We know that you do have questions about a data coding scheme for your work and we attempt to answer the ones we frequently receive on this page.

What Is the Purpose of Developing a Data Coding Scheme?
For any type of qualitative analysis you have to develop a storyline. This is why it is so important to have a data coding scheme in place. This means that the purpose of the study has to be kept in mind at all times so that the data coding schemes you use tell what the evaluation is all about.
How Do You Develop a Storyline Using Data Coding Techniques?
Even though statistics is the main format for data coding methods and techniques, writing is also involved in the process. Before starting the work, we have a discussion with the client about what he/she hopes to achieve with the collected data. To do this we formulate a sentence that expresses the describes the evaluation in simple terms. 
What Are Some Specific Data Coding Methods That You Use?
There are a number of ways in which we carry out data coding. It depends on the research and the data collected. In general we label each word, phrase or symbol to a specific coding category. We determine the categories for the data coding scheme before we start any work. 
What Formats Do You Use for Creating Codes?
We use a combination of pre-set and open codes. We start with the pre-set codes that evolve from the framework of the research question. As we proceed with the process, other data coding schemes will emerge and we deal with them as they occur. 

We know you have many other questions about data coding scheme. We would be delighted to answer them for you. You only have to come to qualitativedataanalysis.net to find out more.