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Approaches to SPSS Qualitative Data Analysis

SPSS Qualitative Data Analysis for Survey Results

One of the most important, valid and useful applications for the SPSS data analysis is survey results. Under this category, it is easy to use the method in Microsoft Excel by transferring the data or opening the file in Excel. Under Excel, the data is put under various headings and subheadings which help to filter the data. This makes it possible to organize the SPSS qualitative data in a better manner. It also ensures that the permutations, combinations and other calculations can be done easily. Once qualitative data analysis methods are done, a user can modify the headings too.

This is necessary, or likable because it helps to order the results under the headings which are related to that particular survey. After the final results have been procured and put into the system, it performs the final computations. This is helpful in a survey because it helps to outline the positives and negatives of the product or the reason for which a survey has been organized.

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SPSS Qualitative Data Analysis for Interviews

Another very interesting and useful application for the SPSS system of qualitative data analysis is when it is used for analyzing the answers received during an interview:

  • The interview may be of any type – a job interview or a general interview. And this software is useful for this application because it can deal with any such scenario.
  • Carrying on with the explanation, a particular expected result, or what answer will yield what kind of score, needs to be explained too.
  • This is responsible for rating the answers received during the interview.
  • After the same has been done, a detailed analysis of the results is done which yields the required result.
  • The interviewee can be rated at different levels using the analysis.

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Why Is SPSS Better Than Others?

One of the primitive and basic questions regarding the use of SPSS is that why is it better than others? To explain this, we will take a simple qualitative analysis of anions example. Consider that you are conducting a survey. Now, there will be many people who will be carrying out the survey with qualitative data analysis tools. So it may be possible that each surveyor interprets the answers in his/her own way. To correct this, the introduction of SPSS is necessary. It balances out the way each answer is interpreted and brings out results which are acceptable and applicable to a large area.

Use SPSS qualitative data analysis and optimize your results with us!