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A Practical Guide On Qualitative Analysis Psychology

Differences in Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Psychology Methods

qualitative analysis psychologyOne of the key differences between a quantitative approach and a qualitative approach in psychology is that the quantitative approach states the hypothesis from the beginning. When a qualitative method is used the hypothesis is developed and refined during the process. Quantitative and qualitative research in psychology may also differ in the following areas:

  • The types of questions posed
  • The types of data collection methods that are used
  • The forms of data that are produced
  • The amount of flexibility built into the study design

The most effective analysis is one that makes use of both methods to take advantage of the strengths of each.

Qualitative Research Design

The qualitative research design serves as a guide for the research undertaken. As it is for qualitative research, it can be considered somewhat flexible and may alter during the process. The research design should address the following issues to give your research coherence:

  • Goals – Why is the study worth doing? Why is it important to research this and what are the reasons that would make anybody care?
  • Conceptual framework – What theories, beliefs and prior research findings will guide your work?
  • Research questions – What specifically do you want to learn and understand by doing this study?
  • Methods – What will you actually do in the study? What approaches and techniques will you use in collecting and analyzing your data?
  • Validity – what will make the results of your research believable?

Qualitative Methods Used in Psychology

There are numerous methods that involve the use of qualitative analysis, qualitative comparative analysis and qualitative analysis in medicine. Psychology research methods that are qualitative in nature are evolving as their use becomes more popular. Some of the main qualitative methods used in psychology include:

  • Thematic analysis – This is an approach that is useful when researchers want to summarize and categorize themes encountered in data collection. It is also useful in guiding the development of an interview schedule. It is limited and when in-depth approach is required, it is not well suited.
  • Grounded theory – Grounded theory is especially useful in theory development, which is its intended purpose. It uses a constant comparative approach to analysis. Data collection methods in grounded theory include interviews, observation, record review or a combination of these methods. Its aim is to develop a theory supported by examples from data.
  • Discourse analysis – Primarily concerned with the nuances of language.
  • Phenomenological psychology – Useful in examining the everyday lives of people and the aspects related to how they feel about an issue, experience or event.

These are just a few of the methods of qualitative analysis psychology makes use of.

Validity of Qualitative Research

It isn’t uncommon for validity of results to be questioned when using qualitative analysis. Psychology research that uses qualitative analysis can use triangulation to help validate results. Triangulation uses multiple measures to ensure that any variation is not due to the way data was collected or analyzed. Triangulation has four categories covering data, investigation, method and theory, and its use lends credibility to the qualitative research results.

A good starting point for more information on the use of qualitative analysis in psychology is the website for the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology at this address http://qualpsy.org/ .

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